Monday, January 10, 2011

The girls during the first week of 2011...

Hello all!!  Happy New Year!!!  I am trying to take a picture each day this year!!  Also, I will try my best to post them weekly!!  Enjoy!!
January 1st - Aubrey wouldn't sit still and Aris is posing, of course.
January 2 - Aris and her silly hat!!  Pancakes on my new griddle!!  They were super delicious even though they looked a little crispy...
January 3 - Oops!!  Missed a day!!
January 4 - Aubrey surprised me with white lips!  She had opened a package of white donuts that were on the shelf in the pantry!!  The girl has a sweet tooth!!!
 January 5 - Two churches in one night!!  The girls are worn out!!
 January 6 - A picture of the calling cards from the swap that I was in last month.  I love being crafty!!  The one that I made is the kite - third row and third from the left!  
 January 7 - Aubrey after a nap!  Pulled off her pants, threw everything out of her bed just so she could jump!!  She is fun!!
 January 8 - Uh Oh!  Aubrey is in time out!!
 January 9th - Just woke up!!  Had to put both of these pictures because I just love how Aubrey is looking at Aris!!  Sister Love!!  Aren't they cute!!!

Sneak Peek - Aris is playing basketball now!!  Here she is in action!!  Taken on Sat. Jan 8th!!  I'll be making a post just for her first basketball game!!  So exciting!!  She loves it!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yay for battery chargers!!

Good morning!!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!  We had a great time with our families!!  Super fun!!  The food was fantastic at both places and we all love getting together with everyone!!  First, we went to Sapulpa to spend time with Jeff's family.  His aunt gave me a beading loom!  Wow!!  Super excited!! Then she showed Erin and I how to use it!!  I love to craft!!  That evening, we went to Muskogee to spend time with my family.   We decided not to go Black Friday shopping...  I got to sleep late!! Yay!!  The girls love to see their grandparents!!  They were playing, giggling and being spoiled the entire weekend!!  

Here are some pictures of the last few weeks!!  I misplaced my battery charger for my camera a couple of weeks ago...  And I knew I just had to find it before the holiday weekend!!  Yikes!!  
It has been located and was in a safe place the entire time!!

Aris and friends at the Halloween parade at school

 Aris and Aubrey being cheesy!!

Look at those cheeks!!

Girl Scouts
Aris is a Daisy!!  Her first year in Girl Scouts and she loves it!!!

 Aubrey and friends at Girl Scouts...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Aris is 6 years old!!!

Time flies when you are having fun!!!  Aris turned 6 years old this month!!  We had a family birthday party in Tulsa at Chuck E. Cheese!!  Lots of fun and games!!!
 The next week we had a friend birthday party at the local McDonalds!!  Fun times at both places!!!  Aris really enjoyed herself and loved spending time with her friends and family!!!

Lots of Barbies, movies, clothes and giggling!!
Aubrey had fun also!! 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Challenge: My Pink Stamper

Bling It Up Challenge from My Pink Stamper...  I must admit that this is my first challenge post, first time linking up to another blog and first time actually finishing a project from the Imagine...  I've only been playing with it so far...

I used the Nursery Tails cartridge and one sheet of white paper to make this fabulous card!!!  Awesome!!  I love the Imagine!!  3D foam squares were used to add dimension to the owl, dragonfly, flowers, mushroom tops and snail.  Also, I used Diamond Stickles to bling up the two flowers on the bottom right and the blue middle of the flower on the top left...  Very subtle but love it!!!

I also wanted the inside to match...  Added a little mushroom and dragonfly to the corner for a little extra pizazz...

I am very new to the Cricut world!!  The Imagine is my very first Cricut!!  I'm working on a post to show more sample projects.  I've been having so much fun playing and figuring out everything that this machine can do!!  Wow!!!

Also, a big huge THANK YOU to Robyn from My Pink Stamper!!  On the day of the Imagine Launch, I found your blog and watched your videos.  They really helped me make the decision to get the Imagine!!  I am so glad that I did!!  Thanks a bunch!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End of Summer...

Oh my goodness... It's been sooo long since my last post!!! This summer was so much fun!!! Family reunion, women's retreat, fiber festivals, seminar in Dallas and an extended vacation in Muskogee... But, now we're back and ready to rock and roll. Girl Scouts, PTA, Indian Education Parent Committee, Fundraisers and everything else that the new school year brings!!! Aris loves going to school!! Her teacher is super nice and her assistant is really sweet also!!! Here is her picture from the first day of school...
Aris began her fourth year of dance today!! Wow!!! She finally moved out of the preschool class!! Yay!! Here are the pictures from today... Aubrey was really watching the older girls through the door. She could start dancing in 2012...
Aubrey is 18 months!!! Time sure is flying by!! She weighs 23 1/2 lbs and is 31 3/4 inches tall!! She is talking more and more each day!! Today she said "baby" for the first time. Aris loves it when she says something new!!
Jeff is doing good... He's been working alot and out of town alot but it should only be a short term project... Hopefully... We went to our first football game of the season last Saturday!! We have so much fun!! Boomer Sooner!!

As for me... It is so weird not going to school or anything. I'm enjoying every minute though!! Spending time with Aubrey, picking Aris up from school, getting the house organized and getting back into our routine!! Most of all, I'm enjoying my hobbies!! I love to make things and I have so many projects that are on my to-make list! I want to use this blog to keep my projects organized instead of writing it on a piece of paper that could be easily thrown away... So hopefully you all won't mind seeing my projects along with our family updates!! I'll be working on that post soon and trying to figure out how I can get it on the side bar...

I've also been thinking about doing a 30 day challenge to post everyday... Hmmm... And I really want to take a picture everyday for a year!! Pure madness but I'm sure it would be super fun!! We'll see...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Snow White SAL - The Evil Queen

I participated in a Silver Sun Alpaca Spin-a-long this month and the theme was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs... My character was the Evil Queen and I loved the colors and the fiber sooo much!!! I spun a little bit of the yarn on my drop spindle and then the rest on Dawn's spinning wheel. She taught me how to core spin and it was so much fun!! I love the way it turned out!!!
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