Monday, January 10, 2011

The girls during the first week of 2011...

Hello all!!  Happy New Year!!!  I am trying to take a picture each day this year!!  Also, I will try my best to post them weekly!!  Enjoy!!
January 1st - Aubrey wouldn't sit still and Aris is posing, of course.
January 2 - Aris and her silly hat!!  Pancakes on my new griddle!!  They were super delicious even though they looked a little crispy...
January 3 - Oops!!  Missed a day!!
January 4 - Aubrey surprised me with white lips!  She had opened a package of white donuts that were on the shelf in the pantry!!  The girl has a sweet tooth!!!
 January 5 - Two churches in one night!!  The girls are worn out!!
 January 6 - A picture of the calling cards from the swap that I was in last month.  I love being crafty!!  The one that I made is the kite - third row and third from the left!  
 January 7 - Aubrey after a nap!  Pulled off her pants, threw everything out of her bed just so she could jump!!  She is fun!!
 January 8 - Uh Oh!  Aubrey is in time out!!
 January 9th - Just woke up!!  Had to put both of these pictures because I just love how Aubrey is looking at Aris!!  Sister Love!!  Aren't they cute!!!

Sneak Peek - Aris is playing basketball now!!  Here she is in action!!  Taken on Sat. Jan 8th!!  I'll be making a post just for her first basketball game!!  So exciting!!  She loves it!!