Saturday, November 7, 2009

New pictures!!

Oops... It's been while again!! Lots of pictures!!

September 2009
Aris' first day of Pre-Kindergarten
Aris and Elliot
After school pictures...
October 5, 2009
Aris and Daddy on her 5th birthday! Happy Birthday Aris!!

Aris with her friends at cheer camp

Aris and friends cheering at the Ada Cougars football game

Halloween 2009

Tinkerbell waving during her parade at school

Aris and Elliot

Aubrey, DJ and Aris going Trick-or-Treating


November 2009
Fall pics of the girls...

Aris didn't want Aubrey to eat the leaves!
Say cheese!

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
Elliot, Emily and Aris

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swim Lessons

Aris began swim lessons tonight! It was so fun watching her and Jeff in the pool!! We decided to go to ECU for swim lessons this year and I am sooo glad!! Her teacher is awesome!!

Aris with her shades on...
Passing the ball back and forth...
They were blowing bubbles into the ring... She hasn't quite mastered this yet...
Still a little afraid...
Aubrey says "I want to swim!"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pictures of Aubrey

Aubrey is three months old... I can't believe it!! She is a very happy baby!! Well... except when her belly hurts or her teeth are giving her problems... We love our little addition and couldn't be happier!! Aubrey is smiling, laughing and we think she is teething... She hasn't rolled over yet but has rolled onto her side a couple of times.

We have a pretty good routine right now... It used to take us forever to leave the house but I think we are getting pretty good at it!! Aris' activites are still keeping us hopping so we are getting lots of practice.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures...

Aubrey's first smile - 5 weeks old

Aubrey loves her sister!!!

She loves her daddy!!

Daddy's little girl!!

Aris at dance

Aris loves to dance!!! This was her second year attending dance classes at Central Oklahoma Dance Center. She took ballet and tap classes... We only get to watch them practice twice a year - once in the fall and once in the spring... The Spring Recital was held on May 14th - Broadway on Main Street... It was so much fun!! Aubrey just watched all of the dancers but it was to dark in the theater to take a picture. Maybe Aubrey will be like her sister and dance... Hmmmm...

Here is Aris at her spring Guest Day...

Aubrey was sleeping the entire time on my lap... Yay!!

Practicing to be a Radio City Rockette...
Dance Recital night!! Isn't she a doll!!

I'm just a Broadway Baby...

Aris loves playing soccer!!

Aris had a blast playing soccer a few weeks ago!! Well... several weeks ago!! Here are a few pics from her very first season of soccer!! She will also be attending a soccer camp in a couple of weeks. She is very excited!!

U5 Maroon - Pokemon
Coach David
Logan, Matthew and Aris

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Aubrey is two months old now... I can't believe how time flies!! Jeff says that she'll be going off to college soon! Hehe!! The girls are so special and they already have that sister bond... I love the way that Aubrey looks at her big sister! It just makes my heart melt!! Aris is soo great with her and talks to her and still says "I love her" -- How sweet!!

This morning we took Aubrey for her two month check up... She weighed 11 pounds 14 ounces and is 22 6/8 inches long. She is doing good and will go back when she is four months. It was also time for her shots... Poor little baby!! Two shots in her right leg and one in her left leg!! Jeff had to hold her... She is snoozing now...

Aris is busy this month with all of her activities... Her dance recital is next week and we are super excited!! We've had practices this week so it's been kinda crazy! Aris' last soccer game is scheduled for this weekend and then the tournament is next week. Hopefully the game won't be cancelled due to the weather like last weekend.

Aris is soo ready for the weather to clear up!!

Misc. Updates...
I lost my camera battery charger!! I can't post any of my pictures or print any until I find my charger!! Yikes!! It's probably in a bag somewhere but I have yet to find it! Time to break out my film camera!!

Wii Fit - We finally found a Wii Fit last weekend at Muskogee!! It is so much fun!! Our goal is to use it everyday!! We are going on 2 days now... I also got a Jillian Michael's workout game which is somewhat fun!! Hehe! Jeff says he'll get used to the Wii Fit game first and then move on to the other workout... Also, we made a profile for Aris to see how much she weighs and so she could do the fun activities... She loves it and wants to play all the time!!

Well... I guess that is all for now...
Have a great week!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aubrey LeAnn has arrived!!

Aubrey LeAnn O'Dell
Born March 3, 2009
At 8:24 AM
10 lbs. 6 oz.
20 inches

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Evening Service

I absolutely love our church!! The people are so friendly and we had so much fun tonight. Jeff and I started going to the Wednesday Evening Prayer Service last week. We had been a couple times before but I think we have made a decision to attend more often. At first it started off with singing Choctaw hymns (which I love to do) and Pastor Jeff led us in a prayer for all of the people on our prayer list... Just like before... But then we played this game and I wish that I had brought my camera. There were 18 adults split into 6 groups and we were all around a dining room table. We were answering Bible Trivia questions but you had to be fast enough to buzz in... It was pretty great!! We laughed and laughed... Jeff's group won, of course...

Here is last weeks challenge...
Find the 16 books of the Bible in the following paragraph.

"I once made the remark about the hidden books of the Bible. It was a lulu, kept people looking so hard for facts, and for others, it was a revelation. Some were in a jam, especially since the names of the books were not capitalized; but the truth finally struck home to numbers of readers. To others, it was a great job. We want it to be a most fascinating few moments for you. Yes there will be some really easy ones to spot. Others may require judges to help them. I will quickly admit it usually takes a minister to find one of them, and there will be a loud lamentations when it is found. A little lady says she brews a cup of tea, so she can concentrate better. See how well you can compete. Relax now, for there really are sixteen names of the books of the Bible in this story."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three weeks until the new baby arrives!!

I am a bad blogger... I received an email from google reminding me that I own a blog and to sign in. So now I guess I'm in trouble... Just kidding -- It was a gentle nudge to start blogging again.

It's been a little over two months since we moved in and now we only have three weeks left in the pregnancy. Thank goodness!! I do treasure the experience of being a part of a miracle and I love to feel her move inside of my belly... But please can I have my body back??? I ran into a friend tonight at Walmart and she just touched my belly and said that she misses it... Her baby was born in July or August. I know that I will miss it also. I will miss hearing her heartbeat at the doctor's office. I will miss seeing the movements on my belly and how it makes me laugh. I will miss sending Jeff on a mission to find whatever I was craving. I'm a little better now -- He doesn't have to run as often. I will miss Aris talking to my belly and giving hugs. Even though she'll be chatting up storm to her in a few weeks. So as I am writing this I'm thinking that I should cherish these last three weeks... Because it may or may not happen again... We'll revisit the subject in about three years.

So this is a start... again... I'll leave you with a picture of my belly -- I was hiding my face...

Oh! I would like to share a picture that I took earlier of the sky... We had some bad thunderstorms in our area but I couldn't resist taking a picture of the clouds with the sun behind them.