Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Aubrey is two months old now... I can't believe how time flies!! Jeff says that she'll be going off to college soon! Hehe!! The girls are so special and they already have that sister bond... I love the way that Aubrey looks at her big sister! It just makes my heart melt!! Aris is soo great with her and talks to her and still says "I love her" -- How sweet!!

This morning we took Aubrey for her two month check up... She weighed 11 pounds 14 ounces and is 22 6/8 inches long. She is doing good and will go back when she is four months. It was also time for her shots... Poor little baby!! Two shots in her right leg and one in her left leg!! Jeff had to hold her... She is snoozing now...

Aris is busy this month with all of her activities... Her dance recital is next week and we are super excited!! We've had practices this week so it's been kinda crazy! Aris' last soccer game is scheduled for this weekend and then the tournament is next week. Hopefully the game won't be cancelled due to the weather like last weekend.

Aris is soo ready for the weather to clear up!!

Misc. Updates...
I lost my camera battery charger!! I can't post any of my pictures or print any until I find my charger!! Yikes!! It's probably in a bag somewhere but I have yet to find it! Time to break out my film camera!!

Wii Fit - We finally found a Wii Fit last weekend at Muskogee!! It is so much fun!! Our goal is to use it everyday!! We are going on 2 days now... I also got a Jillian Michael's workout game which is somewhat fun!! Hehe! Jeff says he'll get used to the Wii Fit game first and then move on to the other workout... Also, we made a profile for Aris to see how much she weighs and so she could do the fun activities... She loves it and wants to play all the time!!

Well... I guess that is all for now...
Have a great week!!